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Dancontrol – new and better solutions

dancontrol laptopDo you also want security and surveillance at your fingertips?

Then we've made it even smarter.

With SmartTrap, SmartAlarm or Smartdevice, you get a convenient and reliable system that gives you the full overview and control of what you want.

You will receive an instant message immediately when needed.

In addition, you get easy insights and status reports via a clear and user-friendly control panel.

Several features gathered one place

If you need more devices with the same or different features, we've made it easy and user-friendly for you to keep track of.

Get all the options and flexibility, while at the same time having full control over what is being monitored.

Dancontrol delivers to companies, organizations and private individuals

Today, our products are used both in agriculture, in industry and private.

The quality makes our products reliable so they can perform even in difficult conditions and in vulnerable areas.

Whether it's security, monitoring or management, it's easy for you or your employees to use our solutions.

The devices are easy to mount and manage - even when you have multiple devices.

If you have a question or want to know more, feel free to write to us.


Quickstart manual, to SmartTrap    [Press here]
Quickstart manual, to SmartAlarm [Press here]


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Video guides

Here you will find guides to our products.
We will in an ongoing proess extend our content.

SmartTrap - Quickstart guide (EN)


SmartTrap – Step 1, Add new module (EN)


SmartTrap - Step2, Basic settings (EN)