About DanControl

Monitoring made simple. Exactly as it should be.

Better trapping conditions and focus on improving biodiversity

These values were key to Mikkel Kastenstand when he founded DanControl in 2016. He could not find a product to meet his specific needs simply because it did not exist! As there was generally increasing interest in trapping across a wider geographical area, it became clear that an automatic monitoring system was needed – preferably one that provided data the individual customer could tailor to meet his own particular needs. DanControl was founded in response to a gap in the market. Mikkel Kastenstand soon discovered that he was far from the only hunter who needed a simple, user-friendly, reliable and affordable trap monitoring solution!

DanControl is the market leader in Denmark and exports to all corners of Europe

Still motivated by strong personal drive and commitment, and armed with a tool kit filled with expertise and experience of developing automated solutions, DanControl now supplies its products to the world’s largest pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies. DanControl resolves even the most complex tasks by developing and producing simple and user-friendly solutions for its customers.

Unswerving mission

We at DanControl are dedicated to creating high quality, user-friendly solutions that, above all, are reliable. Our solutions are infinitely scalable. We add new functions all the time to ensure that your solution matches your changing needs. As our customer, you can rest assured that we provide solutions that are easy to install and offer precise monitoring and automatic notification.

The hunt is still on – in the natural environment, of course, but we continue to scout for new avenues, fresh opportunities to expand our product range and continue to meet growing demand for automatic monitoring solutions in all branches of industry.

Monitoring made simple. Exactly as it should be.

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