Optimal coverage and conditions


As a data subscriber, we guarantee you optimal cover and the best possible conditions for achieving the full benefit of our solutions. Like all our products, our subscription is easy and transparent. There are no handcuffs and no unpleasant surprises. The subscription includes everything you need.

You subscribe for one year at a time. If you wish to make life easier for yourself, you can opt for automatic renewal. The data subscription uses the GSM network and offers 2G coverage across Europe and in other countries (see the full list of countries here).

Content in data subscription

Comprehensive support package
Monitoring via mobile app and online dashboard
We store your SmartTrap® data
Optimal coverage in many countries
Automatic firmware updates
Unlimited status/capture notifications
Data subscription price
Only €18 a year
No handcuffs, no additional charges, no unpleasant surprises

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