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If you can define your needs, we’ll devise the perfect solution

We solve even the most complex tasks with simple and user-friendly solutions

Many of our products and concepts are based on IoT technologies and therefore do not rely on access to 220V power supply.

We maintain strong focus on our customers’ needs. Working with our customers, we aim to develop cost and energy-saving solutions that boost our customers’ businesses and help to ensure that our own business continues to progress – no matter whether we develop products for ourselves or OEM components for clients.

Call us if you need us. We can provide a qualitative and innovative solution to any problem. Made simple – Exactly as it should be.

    Have you checked out SmartTrap®

    An automatic alarm system for your animal traps

    SmartTrap® is a fast and easy, very efficient way to monitor animal traps. SmartTrap® notifies you – in a text message, push or email – when your trap is triggered. This means you only have to check your traps when necessary to do so.

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