SmartAlarm is your security for reliable monitoring

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With SmartAlarm, monitoring is easy. You can monitor everything from doors, windows, ports, or other entrances. SmartAlarm can also monitor other modes such as temperature, water level or humidity. You will be alerted if there is a change or if the condition either falls or exceeds a predetermined level.

SmartAlarm is your security of reliable monitoring.

There may be surveillance of particular doors, winds or gates that you want to keep an eye on.

With SmartAlarm, you will be notified when the entrance is opened or closed. Or you can control the input via your control panel or status reports – as you’re at your fingertips with the app.

You can easily have more SmartAlarmer connected to several different inputs.

SmartAlarm can also be used to measure the water level of your water tank or oil in the oil tank. Several of our customers also use SmartAlarm to monitor the water level in their garden.

In addition, SmartAlarm can also measure the moisture in your crops, such as corn and potato branches. Here you will be alerted if the moisture is too high or too low, so you avoid losing your harvest.

SmartAlarm can therefore have different monitoring features, as you wish.

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